Tree Services

We offer a complete line of tree care services including: pruning and trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, cabling and bracing, plant health care, insect and disease management, and consulting.

Tree Pruning

We prune trees and shrubs following industry standards to ensure plant health. In situations requiring detailed tree pruning or where access to the tree is not available with larger equipment (i.e.: fenced in backyard), we employ traditional rope and harness climbing techniques.

Learn more about industry standards in tree pruning.

Tree and Shrub Removal

If a tree or shrub has died, outgrown its space, or has become a hazard to your family, home or property, Arbor Care of the Fox Valley will safely and efficiently remove it. Depending on the situation, we will utilize traditional rope and harness climbing techniques and make use of roping, rigging, and lowering equipment to remove the tree, giving us the versatility to adapt to each unique removal situation.

Stump Grinding

If a tree or shrub has been removed, Arbor Care of the Fox Valley will grind the stump out for you. We will remove the excess stump grindings and add top soil upon request.

Tree Support Systems

Arbor Care of the Fox Valley offers several options for supplemental tree support. We will evaluate your splitting or cracked tree and install a support system if necessary. We install traditional static wire cable and threaded rod as well as newer dynamic systems depending on the situation.

Information about cabling, bracing support systems at the Univ. Of TN Extension.

Plant Health Care

Arbor Care of the Fox Valley will help you by diagnosing disease, insect, and other problems that may be ailing your trees and shrubs. We can offer treatment solutions for your plant problems. We also offer tree and shrub fertilization for plants suffering due to nutrient deficiencies, construction damage, or environmental stresses.


We will provide onsite consultation to help you with any special projects or situations that may involve your trees and landscape, including woodlot evaluation, construction planning, and hazard tree evaluation.